Dan on the Yamaha TY80
Dan on the Yamaha TY80 riding with The Wasps Display team
Dan part of the bike pyramid
Dan as part of The Wasps Display team pyramid
Dan on the rebuilt KTM 990
Dan on the rebuilt KTM 990

Dan Morris bio

My journey from dirt bikes to mono motorcycles.

Motorbikes have played a massive part in my life. From the tender age of seven I was part of a display team called The Wasps Motorcycle Display Team & cut my biking teeth on a Yamaha TY80. I loved the thrill of jumping through fire, leaping over cars & being part of the human pyramid with many of us perfectly balanced on one motorcycle!

My father was very keen for me to understand the workings of the motorcycles I was riding & quickly had me servicing & repairing mine & my friends. However, my parents initial plan of letting me ride at such a young age hoping it would extinguish my desire to ride on the roads later in life, kind of backfired & my desire to get my own road bike as soon as I was able, consumed me.

The understanding of engines at such a young age stood me in good stead & by the time I was sixteen I was stripping, modifying & creating bespoke builds. My first road motorcycle at sixteen was a Yamaha FS1E & the welder I got for my fourteenth birthday was put to great use, as the modifications & repairs came thick & fast.

As time went by, I became the go to person for tuning & modifying both cars & motorcycles. After college I completed an apprenticeship with Sycamore Cars & I learnt the trade from the inside. The wealth of knowledge I got from this experience enabled me to strengthen my skills set.

During my teens my desire for speed took me off the roads & onto the Motorcross track, where for many years I was competing against some of the best riders in the business. Motorcross allowed me the freedom that road riding simply couldn’t give me & I loved it! At the same time, I was honing my trials skills & had my first road bike. Three bikes, three brains!

By the time I was twenty five I was Workshop Controller for a Ford main dealer, followed by running my own business Gleam Auto Valeting & became a Zymol detailer. I sold the business & then spent the next ten years working for the AA as a Technical Advisor. Motorcycles however were always there; riding, modifying, fixing, racing, constantly in my life!

My journey has taken many diverse directions, but finding myself at a point where I was happy & content; I started to look at life in a different way .

Therefore, with the support of family & friends I made the leap early in 2017 to move my passion in to a full time business & mono motorcycles was born.

I am now living the dream.  No two weeks are the same, I have already got repeat customers, created connections with some market leaders in motorcycle security, have aligned myself with local main dealers & the business has started to go in the right direction. Here is where the story of mono motorcycles begins.                                                                                                       

Join me on Facebook & at www.monomotorcycles.co.uk to follow my journey. Live to ride, ride to live!