Restoration & Bespoke Build


Full & part motorcycle restorations undertaken on any model of motorcycle, any CC; two or four stroke. Mono motorcycles prides itself in offering a professional & sensitive approach to any restoration project. Whether you are looking for a classic restoration or a restomod, mono motorcycles can help you realise your motorcycles potential. With worldwide sourcing facilities at our finger tips and a lifetime of experience from Master Motorcycle Technician Daniel Morris; you would feel assured that your restoration project was completed to an exceptional and very personal standard. In addition, under consultation, we can of course alter and restore using a wide variety of restomod ideas; creating something unique for each customer.

Bespoke Build

Got a build idea but don’t know where to start? Café racer or ape hanger Harley? Sports bike connoisseur or classic lined retro? Which are you? Not sure? We can help you realise your dream of a fully custom built machine. Under full consultation, Daniel Morris – Master Technician, will take your ideas from concept to reality. With a vast array of contacts in industry from bespoke exhausts and frames, to unique and intricate paint work, mono motorcycles are here to help your dreams become a reality.  Whatever your preferred vehicle whether it be sports bike to cruiser, scooter to café racer, mono motorcycles can help you to fulfil your dreams and take you from concept to reality.

Part builds

Have you got half way through a project and run out of time, inspiration or you need a bespoke part or loom? Then we can help! Whether you unearth your dream machine in a shed, or you have lovingly brought the project so far, but just cannot complete; then we are here to help you finalise your dreams and fulfil your passion. No job is too big or too small, for at mono motorcycles we understand the dedication it takes to build from scratch and therefore it would be a pleasure to assist any enthusiast to accomplish their vision.

Please see the 916 Ducati Senna article below  or our case study (Download PDF) for how much of a journey we could take you on!

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